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Effective 03 April 2016: Due to new restrictions imposed by the New Zealand Government on companies where an owner is related to someone with a disability, ADX Electronics Limited is no longer reasonably open to hold stock. Therefore the company had no option but to relinquish the agency for the Itech products, it would be an untenable position for a distributor to pretend otherwise.

Remaining stocks will be reduced until they are exhausted, retaining some units for warranty.

However I will still support the products purchased by my customers over the past 12 years to the best of my ability, and in no way wish to abandon my customers (many of whom are also contracting clients). This is also in no way a reflection on Itech or their products, which have generally been excellent. Please understand this is a Government restriction, and a side-effect of an increasingly nasty worldwide trend.

The web shop mentioned below is currently inactive for security reasons. Since its only real purpose was as a catalogue for the various Itech models, it's best left off while I sort out remaining stocks. In the mean time if you have an enquiry please use the email link as described below.

ITECH products >>>>

Itech manufacture a wide range of programmable linear DC power supplies and DC electronic loads. These are professional grade instruments suited for automatic test and high volume benchtop use - with build quality comparable to the big name brands. However Itech's products are vastly more cost effective, due to their Chinese origin and my thin margins - in fact the price is only slightly higher than the popular Topward brand adjustable (but not programmable) lab power supplies. This isn't to say Itech is the cheapest option these days - taking this dubious honour are no-name lab supplies (that often have serious flaws), and a few brands of cheaper build programmable supplies that have appeared in the past few years.

Please note that despite the fact we used to manufacture similar products, these ARE made in China (now part of the very large B+K Precision group of companies), and beyond being a service agent and providing the odd engineering insight, the design is beyond my control. They are a popular brand domestically in China, frequently specified for factories etc when they are offshored (to China) - which distinguishes them from many of the cheaper brands (built to a price to satisfy export demand). These cheaper programmable units definitely have their place, but there is a difference.

Most of my customers are local to NZ - educational institutions, small companies, or the odd large manufacturer that took a punt on my products after some budget squeeze forced them to consider alternatives to the big brands - no small thing when millions of dollars of production relies on correct functioning of test equipment and price is usually no object. Invariably they buy more, and more, and more...

best price >>>>

Please look in the web shop for current pricing (note: GST inclusive).

Latest pricing note: For the time being please disregard the 2005 pricing in the brochures and tables below. I was able to retain this for many years (mainly through reductions in discounting), but ongoing cost increases and recent economic conditions eventually had their impact on pricing and demand. I increased the web shop prices by only a nominal amount at the time, now that the exchange rate has recovered these prices should be fairly stable.

ITECH programmable power supply
IT68xx series - best value programmable power supplies 50-200W
IT6832 32V 6.2A 200W
IT612x series - very high precision high speed programmable power supply with DVM feature
IT6122  32V 3A 100W
IT85xx series - programmable DC Electronic loads 150-1800W and above
IT8511  120V 30A 150W

best expertise >>>>

> Who else has experience actually manufacturing precision instrumentation, power supplies, and electronic loads?

> Who else has experience actually using these products in design and development?

best support >>>>

> Christchurch based sales, repairs and design support.
> 1 year warranty. Exclusive money back guarantee.

general features (IT68xx power supply) >>>>

- intelligent design, professional construction, quality components
- calibration report supplied, CE certified
- rock-solid performance is guaranteed

- RS232 or USB interface included (optoisolated)
- Ask about Labview driver
- Ask about custom developed low-level control code
- ActiveX interfacing library (VB and Delphi samples provided)
- Free application software provided (calibration, control / plotting of EUT currents / voltages)

- Extra comms modules RS232 USB (prices in web shop)
- 19" rack mount fits 2 supplies or loads (price in web shop)
- Local burn-in and retest

price and availability >>>>

Prices and stock quantities are generally available on the web shop, however feel free to email and check.

demonstrations >>>>

I am happy to send you a demo unit. If you are a clearly established business, it won't need to be paid for up front.

I ask that demo units are looked after aesthetically and not subject to undue abuse. However go for your life in checking out how electrically rugged they are (within reason) - because they are.

Our policy is to NOT sell demo returns to other customers as brand new, as we can not be 100% certain of their past, so depending on your level of interest, I may send a demo unit, or a brand new unit. Please keep this in mind. (I can do this because few (if any) units sent for anything other than an obviously casual interest are ever returned.)

All this is done entirely at my own discretion, so don't be offended if you are refused credit, or can't really afford to pay for a demo unit. We are not set up to hire out units.

ordering and freight >>>>

Basically: After you have emailed for price and availability, just email your P/O. (Conditions apply as below.)

warranty >>>>

The ITECH range comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. I am the New Zealand agent. I'll usually extend this myself, because I know how the products work, can service them locally, and they have generally proven to be reliable. Due to the low number of faults (for a number of years there were no failures at all), I have generally been doing this by replacement for the smaller products.

To honour a warranty claim I'll need the faulty product returned beforehand for diagnosis, and to guard against abuse of the system. However this can be relaxed if you are a well-known customer. If you have a mission-critical application (eg 2 shift high volume ATE), please discuss options for protecting yourself against potential outages before ordering.



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